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Ultrasonic teeth-cleaning based on the Suffolk/Norfolk border, IP19 0NL.

Emmi-Pet Distributor and Trainer

Delving into diets as well as recommending the best products for softening tartar at home.

No anaesthetic required for the ultrasound which is provided through the emmi-pet ultrasonic brush.

Please note that this service is suitable for pets who have mild to moderate tartar build-up and is a preventative measure.

Too good to be true?

The results speak for themselves.

45 minutes. The gums are less swollen, a more natural, healthy colour and the build-up has been removed safely and within the guidelines of the Animal Welfare Act (2006) and RCVS.

Just £45 !

Happier, healthier dogs and cats!

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Is this service suitable for my pet?

Are you wondering what to look out for when buying dental products? What kind of toothpaste? Does a toothbrush actually make a difference?


Am I feeding my pet the correct diet? Do these teeth actually need extracting? How do I know I’m in the best hands?

So many questions!

During a consultation, I can debunk the terminology, explain what to look out for when purchasing dental products, as well as tailoring each at-home prevention plan to each dog or cat with homeopathic methods.

Pet Owner or Pet Professional?

You too can have your own ultrasonic toothbrush! With my unlimited help and guidance, product recommendations and training coming soon, I can help you on your emmi-pet journey.

Whether you'd like to prevent tartar from building up at home for your fur-baby, or, you're a pet professional wanting to help your clients even more, ultrasonic teeth-cleaning may be for you!

Mobile Service Available!

An initial appointment including ultrasound is just £45 when parked up at a POI near you.

Business enquiries - To book the Clean Canines van all day at your premises, please call or email using the details on the 'Contact Us' page.

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