What do we do?

Clean Canines offers a safe, silent, vibrationless ultrasound treatment which is delivered via a small toothbrush designed for your pets' comfort.

For a matter of seconds at a time, it's held onto various parts of the teeth and gums.

It breaks down the plaque as well as increasing circulation 12mm into the gumline.

The best part? It requires no anaesthetic as it's non-invasive!

Result after one treatment pictured left

Health Benefits

Ultrasound offers wonderful benefits for your pet's dental health.

Increasing the circulation in the gums kickstarts the healing process for any potential infections/diseases, such as, Ginigivitis. This is delivered by the ultrasonic, silent brush that is just held in their mouth for a matter of seconds.

A thick plaque build up means potentially exposing the tooth roots to bacteria due to the gumline receeding. If your dog has healthy gums, this decreases the likelihood of needing extractions as they grow older.

During the first appointment, any potential concerns can be noted and taken care of correctly and promptly.

If your dog or cat has developed smelly breath or their eating and drinking habits have changed, we'll discuss every possibility and provide the best advice for solving the problem.

When would my dog or cat need this treatment?

If your dog has smelly breath, visible plaque build-up, a change in eating or drinking habits or visible discomfort, this is the time to get in touch.

Prevention is better than cure.

result after one treatment pictured right


Initial visit / (3 months+) £45

Including ultrasound

Follow-up or routine visits (within 3 months) £37.50

Baths/Blow-drys/Nails available. Prices upon request.

Van visit £45pp

We offer a 10% discount for more than one dog from each household, one after the other.